Summer Fun on a Tight Budget

18 06 2013

I understand the urge to want to take your kids everywhere and give them everything. I grew up in a VERY large family with seven brothers and six sisters. My clothes came from my older siblings or from my friends, I received a new toy at Christmas time and my birthday was often forgotten.

I constantly have the urge to want to give my children everything to make up for what I did not have as a child. This is good and bad in my opinion. Good, I want my children to feel special and have many different experiences. Bad, because giving my children everything will create entitled spoiled children AND I am on a budget….giving my children everything does not fit in the budget.

So how can you give your children everything on a budget?? I will tell you how…..take advantage of FREE events.

A month ago I went through and looked at the community calendar, library calendar, and chamber of commerce calendar  in my city and made a list of all the Free events. The community I live in has TONS of events for kids and adults. Not every community is like Buffalo so if that is the case look to a neighboring city for fun Free events.

The City of Buffalo, MN just finished up a week of festivities for Buffalo Days. My kids had a week full of activities, some of the events we attended included;

Wednesday: Free Hog Roast and music in the park

Thursday: Free Water Ski Show and Movie in the Park

Friday: Fireworks

Saturday: Free Kids Fishing Clinic (this was amazing, my kids received tackles boxes, planted flowers, got t-shirts, frisbees, coloring books, fishing bait, stickers, tattoos and much more). Bouncy Castle/Obstacle Course (this was $1.00 for the day NOT per time through), $1.00 Pony rides, Free roping lessons, Free dog agility show, Free boat rides and all the while there was Free entertainment to watch. There was also a kiddie parade and large parade in the evening.

Sunday: Free airplane show and car show, Free breakfast in the park

Not to Mentioned some of the events we did not get to during the day included:

Summer Reading Kickoff at the library with root beer floats and a magician, Free – Family Toy Workshop, Teddy Bear Band, Bingo and lots of free entertainment in the park.

All of this was in one week!!

Check out your local community, communities, and state. Take advantage of your states attractions, each state has a tourism guide, I checked out the Minnesota Tourism magazine and priced out different museums, parks and Minnesota events that had free kids days or cheaper tickets.

Take advantage of what your community has to offer.

1. It is FREE or very cheap

2. You and your kids can get involved in the community

3. Your kids have a great time because they are spending time with you

4. You are having a great time because you are with your kids….and oh yeah….it is not burning a hole in your wallet

Have Fun and Get Creative!




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